Blue Therapeutics was founded in 2014 by Ajay Yekkirala, David Roberson, Michio Painter and academic founder Phil Portoghese. Blue was born out of the desire to take decades of knowledge and technology gleaned from academic research and transform that work into therapeutic solutions that can have positive and lasting impacts for patients in the clinic. Working in New England where the opioid epidemic has struck particularly hard, this meant asking ourselves why better therapeutic options for pain don't exist. Why do patients have to choose between pain relief and the potential for addiction? Our core belief is that no one should have to make this choice and the result is the revolutionary technology being developed by Blue.

We are based at the Harvard Innovation Launch Lab, a start-up incubator and co-working space for select Harvard alumni ventures, conveniently located in the Boston/Cambridge biotech sector and adjacent to Harvard Business School. Our involvement in Harvard's innovation culture also provides opportunity for regular interaction with and mentorship by leading biotech veterans with business expertise across all areas of drug discovery & development.

Harvard Innovation Launch Lab